At PartnerSlate we're hiring an Engineering Manager to lead our 100% remote engineering team.

We’re building a B2B SaaS product in the food manufacturing space. We’re an early-stage startup that has found product-market fit and are now scaling up our product engineering team (4 engineers and growing!)

We want to make sure our engineers are supported and able to do their best work, so we're adding our first Engineering Manager to the team.

What’s exciting about this opportunity

  • An early-stage startup led by experienced industry veterans - fun and growth without chaos and drama
  • An opportunity to help refine and evolve our engineering culture and practices from the very early days, and to scale your contribution as we scale our team
  • A focus on sustainable pace, thoughtful engineering practices, and boring technology in service of product delivery
  • An engineering culture centered around empathy, quality, and pragmatism
  • A fully remote company from the start

The role

We're looking for an Engineering Manager who will support and grow our wonderful team of fully-remote product engineers.

You will be based in the Americas, working remotely in time zones between GMT-8 (Pacific) and GMT-4 (Eastern Americas).

In this role you will:

  • be responsible for hiring, career development, clearing boulders, and building a culture of open feedback, continuous improvement, and mutual support.
  • partner with product management to guide the transformation of product ideas into working software.
  • work with our CTO to steer our engineering processes and practices. We practice continuous delivery, strive for daily deploys, prefer kanban, and don't believe in story points(!).
  • enjoy nerding out on concepts like Continuous Delivery, daily deployment, kanban, and boycotting story points.
  • be empowered to do your best work. You’ll get a $4k equipment budget, and a $1k/year professional development budget. As an early-stage startup, PartnerSlate provides a lot of opportunities for growth, and we’re excited to support you in that journey!

You value

  • Building diverse, empathetic, high-performing teams with high psychological safety
  • "just enough" process: lightweight and low-ceremony without chaos or cowboys
  • Helping teams build a culture of continuous improvement
  • A growth mindset - as the first Engineering Manager at an early startup you’ll be expected to wear quite a few hats. There’s also a lot of potential for career growth as our team grows.
  • Being technical enough to lead a team of engineers without coding every day

The company

PartnerSlate is an ambitious well-funded (pre-series A) startup, with a leadership team that has led multiple companies to successful exits. We’ve got traction with thousands of brands, large and small. And we’re laser-focused on delivering an indispensable service for our customers.

We’ve assembled a diverse all-star team of passionate, thoughtful, humble, and action-oriented individuals, led by CEO Vince Tseng, who helped start SquareTrade and built it into a $1B revenue company (raised $250M; $1.4B acquisition in 2017).

You’ll report to our CTO Pete Hodgson, a ThoughtWorks veteran who has built and scaled engineering teams at multiple unicorns, including Doma, Auth0, and GoodRx.

This is not our first rodeo. We understand that innovation and moving fast doesn’t necessarily equate to chaos. Discipline and drive to achieve doesn’t mean unsustainable burnout. As part of the early team, you’ll help shape the culture of the company, centered around intellectual curiosity, pragmatic action, and collaborative attitudes.

As a fully-remote company, we understand the benefits of remote work, but are also aware of the drawbacks. We have regular in-person get-togethers once or twice a year, both to collaborate on work and to bond as humans. We offer a $4,000 equipment budget to help you create an effective work environment.

We also care about making the world a better place! As an industry, food is one of the areas where we can help create a more sustainable future for the world. Partnerslate and its lead investor are both actively looking at B Corp certification.

As part of this, our vision for our workplace is clear: we will be a place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, stay and do their best work. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to how we think about growing our team and working together as one. We are creating a respectful environment where we can learn from and celebrate each others’ differences.